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Inside a reusable cardboard box, there are the essential ingredients for a moka coffee that lives up to our traditions.

We are pleased to offer our line of fine blends that come from the recipes of our grandfather "Gigino". The "Antichi Aromi" blends with a fine taste and intense aroma, tell about the values ​​of the Sangiovannese culture through the daily gesture of a homemade coffee.

The line gets inspired by grandfather "Gigino", the founder of the family roasting company and two figures very dear to him, the Pacchiana, a popular Sangiovannese costume and the Abbot Gioacchino da Fiore, founder of the Florense congregation that built the Abbey of San Giovanni in Fiore from which it takes its name.

The box contains:

- a pack of freshly ground coffee chosen from the three available blends;- an airtight jar of handcrafted ceramic;

- the stories and tales that inspired us.

A coffee to share.