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  • Amabile - 70% Robusta - Cialde - Caffè Iaquinta


    A blend with a full, enveloping body and a soft, rounded flavour, characterized by a sweet aroma of cereals and toasted cocoa. It is recommended for those looking for a creamy coffee, but with a more delicate flavour.

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  • 4 - Caffè Iaquinta


    Blend characterized by a thick and inviting cream, and an intense and full-bodied flavour. It is recommended for those looking for a strong and creamy espresso.

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  • 3 - Caffè Iaquinta


    Dense and full-bodied blend, characterized by notes of bitter cocoa. The ideal choice for those who want a decaffeinated coffee without having to give up the taste of a good coffee.

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Cáscara Tea - 100 g - Caffè Iaquinta

Cáscara tea

Discover the new completely natural alternative to tea!

  • IMG_1060 - Caffè Iaquinta

    Abate - 100% Arabica

    The union of fine Arabica coffees from Central and South America has given rise to a coffee with a sweet and aromatic heart. A perfect harmony in which it is possible to perceive notes of chocolate and caramel.

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  • IMG_1061 - Caffè Iaquinta

    Fondatore - 70% Arabica

    Soft and enveloping blend, in which the union of three continents gives rise to a coffee with a sweet and citrus taste, and the aroma of roasted cocoa. Ideal at any time of the day.

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  • IMG_1062 - Caffè Iaquinta

    Pacchiana - 50% Arabica

    Intense but balanced blend, in which the pleasant spicy notes of Vietnamese Robusta predominate. In the cup you have a coffee with a unique aroma and full body, which gives the right energy in the morning.

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044E829F-A644-4CC2-8282-323E1D6D7301 - Caffè Iaquinta

Give an authentic emotion

Surprise the people closest to you with a special gift: fresh ground coffee and a handcrafted ceramic jar!