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Caffè Iaquinta

Cáscara Tea - 100 g

Cáscara Tea - 100 g

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Discover our CÁSCARA TEA , a 100% NATURAL alternative to your classic infusion!

The cáscara is composed of the peel and pulp of the coffee cherry, which are subjected to a fermentation process followed by a drying process.

Although it has always been considered a waste product, over the years it has been seen that, if carefully processed during coffee processing, it is possible to use it to obtain a naturally sweet infusion with a fruity flavour.

  1. Place 6-8 g of cáscara in an infuser or carafe;
  2. Pour 200 ml of hot water at 90-95°C and start the timer;
  3. Leave to infuse for at least 5 minutes, making sure to stir a few times during the infusion;
  4. Once the infusion is finished, pour the drink into a cup, taking care to retain any residues of the product.
  1. Using the same proportions as the hot infusion (3-4 g per 100 ml of water), put the cáscara in an infuser or carafe and pour cold water inside;
  2. Place the carafe in the fridge and leave to infuse for at least 12 hours;
  3. Again, make sure to stir the drink from time to time, so as to make the infusion more homogeneous;
  4. Once the infusion is finished, filter the drink and pour it into a bottle or carafe, and keep it in the fridge until ready to use.
  • Origin: BOLIVIA;
  • Production areas: CARANAVI, LA PAZ;
  • Altitude: 1,650 masl;
  • Species: ARABICA;
  • Variety: GEISHA;
  • Sensory profile: BLACK TEA, HONEY, RED FRUITS.
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