About us

Italian artisans, coffee lovers.


Our story begins in 1975, the year in which our grandfather Gigino, after years of experience accumulated in the field of commerce, decided to start an artisan coffee roasting company in San Giovanni in Fiore (Cosenza), in the heart of Calabria.

So it was that he started to produce coffee in his small shop, giving life to the Iaquinta Coffee Roasting Company, seeking from the outset to ensure that his was a quality coffee, fresh and genuine.


Experience and quality

Having passed from the hands of our fathers, Mimmo and Biagio, the helm of the company is now in the hands of our grandsons, Tommaso and Luigi, the third generation of the Iaquinta family.

Like our grandfather, we have made quality and tradition the two key points of coffee processing.


Our future

Over the years, the company's mission has remained unchanged: to spread and make known the culture of quality Italian coffee. In fact, thanks to the passion and experience we have accumulated over the years, we are able to offer coffee of the highest quality; we select and process only the best beans, maximizing the taste and aroma of our blends and guaranteeing a fresh and genuine artisanal product.


But no matter how much we can and want to improve our products, we realised that respect for nature must be at the basis of our work. And this is why we have set ourselves the goal of becoming, through a process of gradual conversion, a totally eco-friendly company and producing a zero-impact coffee, thus respecting and honouring the origins of coffee.